Road Trip Essentials for Der Wanderer

Road Trip Essentials for Der Wanderer

Road Trip Essentials for Der Wanderer

 August days are rolling in. Soon, summer will come to an end. My popsicle is melting off the stick; quickly turning into a puddle. I think I might be a puddle when school comes around.

Instead of thinking about puddles, school, and big changes, my thoughts are fixated on road trips. Here are a few of my favorite things to take as I peel out, they make car rides much more lively.  

If you have little fingers that like to stay busy, never… I say NEVER leave home without your Flexi-Sphere. This toy can bend, move, expand, and form into lots of shapes. Perfect for a fidgeter.



The Waboba: Wingman frisbee really is the best road trip wingman. Now, this may not be best played in the car… preferably outside the car at pitstops (you can throw it up to 130 feet). But if it is tossed in the car, it adds an extra sense of die freude! Its small size and flexible silicone material makes it easy to travel with/ stuff into that extra little zipper of your backpack that usually goes unused/ or the slots of your second pair of tennis. 

Little fingers also love the Nee Doh: Original or Color ChangingThe best part about traveling with Nee Doh is it's MESS FREE! Fantastisch! This groovy, colorful, and squishable toy will fill your trip with good vibes.

If you are road tripping at night, pick up the Nee Doh: Glow in the Dark.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Whirly Pop? Find out as you lick, stick, and drive.



In preparation for your trip, snag a copy of Atlas of AdventureThe pages are filled with fun facts, maps, and introductions to fabulous sights around the world.



Last but not least, go bananas with the HarmonicaPerfect for a sing-a-long or accompanying an entrance to a new land.

Other items that will make your trip funky, fabulous, and fun:


Gute Fahrt!  --  Have a nice trip!



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