Blickenstaff's has a Website!

Blickenstaff's has a Website!

Blickenstaff's has a Website!

Hallo! That’s Deutsche for "Hello" and since our name is German we try and stick to our roots while heading full speed into the future. We are probably even more excited to be here than you are.  We have a website! A simple way to connect with friends all over planet earth.

Taking steps into the future, we hope to become your favorite place to find a gift. Our team is all about family and fun. Memories make all the difference to a child (and their adults) and we want to help you make loads of happy memories. The more distinct the better.

To help you make memories and give memorable gifts we have curated a store bursting at the seems with nostalgia, fresh ideas, great design and playabilty. Play is so powerful. Play done well checks all the boxes socially, intellectually, physically and it’s definitely good for the soul. So, whether you are carefully curating and encouraging play in your home or giving your favorites as a gift, we hope you choose us.

We have grouped our product into some pretty simple categories to help you find just what you are looking for. 


GIFTS Gifts by age is one of our favorite sections of the shop and we hope you love it online as well. We find that is how we personally shop and our customers seem to love it. “I have a two year old whose birthday is coming up or its my 6thgraders first day of school and I want to make it fun. We put in bits and pieces of every department here so that you get a taste of how to compile a really personal gift.


CANDY This is a tricky one because candy is everywhere because everyone loves candy. So how do we choose what to bring in. It comes back to the idea of memories. Is it a candy from your childhood you want your kids to try…even if it isn’t as tasty as you remember. Does it crackle on your tongue and make you laugh. Is it a flavor that is foreign or does the packaging inspire the imagination. We think you’ll love our selection!


GAMESMan if we are expert at anything it is games. Interactive family fun for all ages. Our curator for games has nailed it. The best games for interaction and memory making. We don’t have everything, only the best, so think of your group size, age, and tolerance and we will have several options to choose from. Really you can’t go wrong here.


BOOKSPassion drives the book nook. We love vibrant illustrations and clever words. Even more, we love story time. There is nothing quite as precious as precious and developmental as reading together with a child. We take this seriously. Long books, short books, sleepy books, books that make you move, craft books, and puzzling books all combine to make a library that is as full of goodness as it is good looking. Plus, if it will make you laugh out loud it’s a sure win.


PARTY This is new to us and honestly not sure we know what we are doing yet but it will be amazing. We love a good party and a great custom tailored theme. We generally lean to a theme disconnected from favorite TV personalities and more devoted to the actual person being celebrated. Stay tuned as we develop the party section and please send us your thoughts along the way!


HOLIDAYOne of our favorite sections of the store. Constantly changing and major memory making potential to be had. When families gather around the year to celebrate and watch traditions start, evolve or simply carry on it makes us giddy. We want to be a part of that in your home and you will see that we work hard in our own homes to make the memories we hope to help you create as well.


So have a look around and if you ever stumble across the store in Provo, Utah, let us know you are coming via Instagram or email and we will be here to welcome you with open arms. Let’s make some happy memories!



  • I wanna know how I can get one of those aprons!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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